About Us

RESTORE IT’s beginnings date back to 1990, when brothers Dave & Dan Dietz started a furniture restoration business in a barn just outside of Reedsburg. Owner Dave and designer Dan eventually got involved in Kitchen and Bath Cabinet Design, moving into a new, modern facility and brought Mike Marquardt on board in 1999, who eventually took over the furniture restoration division, so the brothers could focus their time on the busy cabinet business.  After almost 25 years in the restoration and cabinet business, Dave finally turned over all ownership of the restoration business to Mike. With nearly 15 years of furniture restoration under his belt (and, with the aid of his father, a 10 year renovation of his own turn of the century home), Mike launched RESTORE IT llc. Dan has the cabinet business, DIETZ ON MAIN in the Historic Woolen Mill building, located on the river at the first stop light in downtown Reedsburg.


restore-it-furniture-antique-restoration-reedsburg-wisconsin-website-image-2Mike takes care of day to day operations at RESTORE IT, meeting with customers and their heirloom to discuss restoration possibilities. His passion and skill is doing the often painstaking task of repairs and preparation of item for the Finish Room. Besides his other projects and community services, Dave still brings his refinishing skills to the table, working with Mike in the Stripping and Finishing stages. With Dave’s years of research and experimentation with different water-borne finishes and Mike’s development of color matching and glazing techniques, RESTORE IT is able to offer the most durable and environmentally friendly finishes on the market today.


Mike Marquardt has lived his entire life in Reedsburg, and has a long family history of carpentry, craftsmanship, and business ownership. Mike works closely with his father, a long retired twenty-two year veteran of the Reedsburg police force. Tom, 75, still runs his own Gun & Archery business after 50 years! With the meticulous and complex skills of gun-smithing in his background, Tom has instilled in Mike a sense of precision and quality that goes into every loving restoration performed at RESTORE IT. It was Mike’s mother, Donna who would drag a young Mike to garage sales, flea markets and antique stores that gave mike his love and appreciation of history, collecting and anything else old.


Mike’s other hobbies are fine home and background living. He is an avid gardener and history buff, sometimes researching and writing of his findings. He’s also the family genealogist. You can find Mike at ancestry.com as restoreitllc.  His first love is Film history of the 20th century. He has an encyclopedic knowledge of Film Fact, especially films of the 1930’s- 50’s. His favorite is genre is FILM-NOIR. You can find RESTORE IT on facebook and twitter. You can also sign up for Mikes channel on youtube at restoreitfilms. A channel devoted to bringing about an appreciation of History through filmed entertainment.